Delta College welcomes women’s team wrestling to sports program


For the first time ever Delta College has a women’s wrestling team intent on showing they can compete with their male counterparts.

The team includes six women total, but three are redshirting this season.

The women have set goals for themselves – including making it to four-year university teams. As a team, the Lady Mustangs hope to make it to nationals.

And maybe show off a little.

“Also to prove to the boys that girls can wrestle just as good as they can,” said wrestler Kara Dorton.

The women aren’t competing until November, because most junior colleges don’t field female teams, but the Lady Mustangs will wrestle in a freestyle tournament then.

When asked what motivates freestyle wrestler, Hope Cordova, she said she keeps one thing in mind while motivating herself.

“Some people never experience the feeling after winning a tough match, and also having your hand raised it is the best feeling around,” Cordova said. “I strive everyday to work on my techniques to get better at my shots and get the win.”

Teammate Jasmine Hernandez adds: “Just getting all your techniques down will get you that win.”

Wrestling methods are taught to the women by Head Coach Michael Sandler as he uses the basics, like sit-ups to work on their double and standard takedowns also there forms which they practice every single day at practice.

“The Mustangs pretty much keep up with the men wrestling team because even getting takedowns on them is a big accomplishment,” said Cordova.

The wrestling team has set up a Facebook page: Friends of San Joaquin Delta College Wrestling. The team practices from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Budd.