Have you had a good season?


With only three months left in 2014, several of us might be feeling a bit unsatisfied with the outcome of our performance so far this year.

We all set out different goals to accomplish: shedding a few pounds, being more social, buying a house or even taking a shot at love. For the single crowd, during the first quarter of the year, which is January through April, it’s all about getting your roster together.

This process usually consists of placing your potential suitors in a lineup, then making them turn right and left to see if you’ve picked out the right guy or gal to build a strong connection.

By the time the second quarter (May – August) rolls around, so much can go wrong with the person who was your original hopeful in the first quarter.
You can run into so many new people during this time of year, with all the concerts and special events that take place when the weather is beautiful.

The chances of acquiring a new crush are high for someone who’s outgoing and adventurous. If you haven’t met anyone special by now, that has a cause of affect which may lead you searching for ways to rekindle a relationship that seemed unpromising in the beginning.

If you have met someone but the two of you can’t seem to find time for each other, then its definitely not looking good for this partnership to grow.
Only the lucky ones by this time, can be in the early stages of a healthy relationship
It’s really all about how the cookie crumbles. Are you lucky? The final quarter of the year, September through December, is the hardest time of the year for single people.

The weather gets cold, your friends start spending more time at home, and you find yourself wanting someone to cuddle with while you’re watching “Man vs. Food.”
Then again, there are quite a few of us single folks who actually enjoy being alone, and the freedom it provides.

Also, not being bothered with an emotionally attached in a relationship, which requires somewhere between 18 – 19 hours a day.
Sadly, being alone and single towards the end of the year is all a choice you’ve made on your own.

All those missed opportunities, parties that you skipped and obvious signs of flirting from multiple people, it’s all your fault that you feel miserable when you see a couple exhibiting a Public Display of Affection.

Don’t get mad at someone because they’re much better at making good decisions than you. Study them, take notes, and start reading the signs.

So get jiggy with it… Don’t let the year end without pursuing happiness. Let that girl/guy know you’re interested in their interests, and them as a person in general.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be a part of the next healthy relationship single people can’t stand to see happy.