Vegetarians find ways to save money


We’ve all heard it, eating Top Ramen everyday is cheap but could be really bad for you because of all the sodium it contains. So is saving money more important to you than your health?

Well stop the stress because what you are about to read could possibly change the way you eat for the rest of your college career.

Believe it or not becoming vegetarian or even vegan could save lots of money, help you lose weight and also help the environment.

According to, a meat eater on a budget spends $14.65 versus a vegan who spent $11.15 the entire day and a lacto ovo vegetarian, a vegetarian who eats dairy products and eggs, who spent $12.45.

That may not sound like much but in an entire year that could be up to $1,280 in savings for a vegan and about $800 for a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Not only will you save money in going vegetarian but, in a year you could save up to 100 lives from the 60 billion farm and aquatic animals who are killed yearly in the U.S. for food consumption.

The main reason I became a vegetarian was because I grew up in a farm having to see many animals being slaughtered and to me that changed the way I now see animals.

I see them as living, feeling beings just like us. It wasn’t easy going vegetarian because I really loved chicken. I didn’t just wake up one day and give up meat.

I had to do it little by little and the way I did it was by giving up the most expensive types of meats and fast food.
One thing that was easy for me was that I didn’t have to worry about giving up seafood because I never liked it.

Later I noticed that being a vegetarian “just to save lives” was more than just saving lives. I was also saving lots of money.

If you are also looking to lose all the weight you’ve gained so far in college, vegetarianism could possibly be the answer.

Before I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian I weighed 145 pounds.

Within a month of no longer eating meat and healthier alternatives such as beans, tofu and eggs I began to lose weight faster than I ever have.

Each month I lost three more pounds than I would before. I lost 36 pounds in a year.

As a meat eater I was lucky enough to even lose one pound a month.

To me vegetarianism is important because it has changed the way I now eat, shop and think.

As a vegetarian I care more about what goes inside my body. I wouldn’t want to go to McDonald’s and eat something that can cause cancer.

Whenever I shop I don’t just grab any item because most can have GMOs, plants or animals that have been altered by scientists with bacteria or pesticides.

So not only will becoming a vegetarian or vegan help you save money but it can also benefit your life and the ones around it.