Never underestimate the powerful force of the internet


The Internet has changed in the past few years. It appears almost unrecognizable, and not just on the streaming and web-design sides.

This change has garnered a connected society like none ever could predict. The biggest change is the evolution of social media. Ideas and thoughts can be spread to millions in seconds.

These ideas however, drastically change the “real world.”

So much that 140 characters on Twitter could affect the publics view on almost anything.

But it’s not just Twitter, there’s a variety of websites and applications to constantly connect people and express their minds. Tumblr, 4chan and Reddit have also dictated public opinion.

With these platforms, views change in an instant with nothing more than a mere typed sentence.

Further pushing these views are videos and pictures constantly popping up all over the web displaying random acts and mistakes made by the insignificant public or the few famous faces.

It’s a difficult thing attempting to understand the new uprising of “social justice warriors.”

They see something they believe is wrong, and rant vigorously until their view is heard and it captures the minds of the masses and change or action is demanded and achieved.

These “warriors” have no one cause, because they’re not just one group of individuals. Taking action to create the “politically correct” world they wish to live in.

They fight against what they view as racist. They’re in constant fights with “cultural appropriation.” Constant ridicule of athletes and police whom making minor to major mistakes. Even one person making a silly comment on a website.

The fights never seem to end, and they continue to be more debated and heated.
Meme’s are often created, and never seem to die or be forgotten of those whom look foolish. From WorldStarHipHop to TMZ, the videos of people being outrageous refuse to dry out.

The Internet also holds the power to cause protests, and incite riots.

In Ferguson or China, even the last few years in Europe. Social media is creating gatherings on a scale none have ever witnessed. All to inspire some type of change in the world from the wrongs viewed in the world.

These can be good especially in the pushes for political change to better a nation. Even in the recent fights for marriage equality, which now 60 percent of the United States has legalized and deemed unconstitutional to prohibit.

Perhaps one day this power can put a new president-elect into power that is neither Republican or Democrat, and spark a truly new change in the way this country is ran. For better or worse.

The ultimate downfall is this push for a “politically correct” culture that’s fueled by this over sensitive agenda. These social justice warriors have created a strange fringe worldview that’s spreading like malware.

Who are these people that a massive audiences seems to follow and fight for?

Are they subject to checks and policing in which they wish to enforce?

Or are they angry reclusive people who have confused their monitors light for sunlight?

Maybe we all just needed to lighten up, not just a little, a lot. Stop worrying about other people and stop letting others control the way we live and think.

Let’s stop policing our every word and thought. Learn to understand each other. Go outside and introduce ourselves and share our life stories. Not through social media, but through conversation and experiences.

That’s what life is. Not bickering about everyone on the Internet.