Protestors show up outraged worldwide


In the past year alone, a little more than 40 protests happened around the world.

Millions were protesting their countries corrupt government, war agendas and poor working conditions.

From anti-war protests in Russia all the way to police brutality protests in Missouri, people are standing up for what they believe is right.

There was a gap in big protests for many years, but it’s now coming back with full force.

With the power of social media, more people find out about these events faster than ever.

Someone in Bosnia can tweet or post a picture and add a hashtag about an uprising in the country and within seconds hundreds of people from around the globe are aware.

These social media advantages have helped millions reach out to others around the world asking for help to get word out about something.

Many of these countries don’t have the same freedom as Americans.

Governments are allowed to block news stations from reporting on events.

Most of the protest footage seen is now coming right from someone’s iPhone.

When tension arose in Ferguson, Missouri after the fatal shooting of Mike Brown, the chief of police made sure there was a media block for the protests, meaning no news stations could get into the town to cover the event.

It was left to the citizens of Ferguson to take pictures and record videos to get the word out.

It’s amazing how fast we are able to hear about things.

From someone’s baby being born to a country overthrowing an entire government, we now know within seconds.

The power of the internet has helped millions overthrow their governments, and make people aware of what is really happening outside of our daily lives.