Stockton Is Magnificent moves to Victory Park

CELEBRATION: The crowd celebrates Stockton at Victory Park on Oct. 4. PHOTO BY ORLANDO JOSE
CELEBRATION: The crowd celebrates Stockton at Victory Park on Oct. 4. PHOTO BY ORLANDO JOSE
CELEBRATION: The crowd celebrates Stockton at Victory Park on Oct. 4. PHOTO BY ORLANDO JOSE

The annual Stockton is Magnificent event took place on Oct. 4 at Victory Park.

The park was alive with fun activities, music, children playing, drawing, karate demonstrations and food.
Vendors were also set up. Stages hosted musical acts.

“You have people that think Stockton has a grey cloud over it,” said Christina Fugazi of the Stockton Planning Commission, who is currently running for Stockton City Council, District 5. “Yeah, we have our issues. Yeah, we have our problems it. So we also have a silver lining but we also have a lot of people to try to make a positive different here in our community.”

The Peace and Justice Network of San Joaquin, as well as other media outlets, promoted the event.

At the stage there were musical acts. The Stockton Thunder mascot Thor came out to support.

There was a gathering of people in a circle with nontoxic chalk power and throwing it in the air creating a beautiful color mix as well.

Delta College’s RTV Department and KWDC Radio was also present, offering a free T-shirt in a drawing.

“Well we’re here to let the community know were building a brand new radio station at Delta College community base radio station and we are reaching out to the community So we can partner up,” said Don Maszewski, the radio station manager.

The 89.5 KJSC radio station is currently being established.
Maszewski said Professor William Story has sought to get our FCC license to be a low-power FM station to broadcasting in Stockton at 93.5 FM.

Maszewski said he believes in this community.

“If you take a look with your own eyes and listen with your own ears and what we will discover what Stocktonian people knows is that Stockton is a beautiful place, a wonderful place,” he said. “So if you could push pass all the hype and negative headline you will find out to Stockton is magnificent.”

Rick Grewal, vice chairman of the H.O.P.E. Foundation and current Stockton City Council candidate was also present.

“I know Stockton on a personal level,” he said. “I’ve been to almost every sector during my campaign and I know that we have some pros and cons that grown up here.”

But it’s mostly pros, he added.

“Stockton is really beautiful we got our waterfront, we got a lot property but it hasn’t been properly used in my opinion That is one of the reason why I am running for council because I want be able to take our assets, utilize them to there full potential.”

Fugazi agrees.

“Don’t give up on Stockton this is a great place to live and you just come out here and you see all the things going on in our Community and you feel proud to be here,” she said.