The fear Of Ebola spreads


The fear of Ebola is spreading quicker than the virus itself and the irrational fear of Ebola is being referred to as “Fearbola.”

According to the Washington Post, Ebola is a hyper-contagious disease that affects the brain, causing two-thirds of Americans to fear a widespread outbreak in the United States.

With news and social media blowing the situation out of proportion, it hasn’t been of much benefit.
Social media platforms like Twitter have aided in promoting Ebola outbreak and media coverage of the outbreak is causing undue fear and panic.

“Ebola reminds me of the AIDS panic back in the 1980’s. It’s like history repeating itself yet we still spread the unnecessary fear,” said Delta student Sarah Williams.

Ebola has also managed to spread to the institutional level.

Navarro College, a small community college outside of Dallas Texas has stopped accepting student applications from Ebola positive countries.
For example, students from Nigeria, a country with only 20 reported Ebola cases, are being rejected from Navarro.

Yet the World Health Organization will declare Nigeria Ebola free on Oct. 20 after Senegal was cleared of the deadly virus on Oct. 17.

The fear of Ebola can’t take over America, as America needs to help actual countries with actual risks of contracting Ebola.

If America wants to prevent an epidemic, we must aid the countries overseas.

Liberia, one of the countries most affected by the virus has shortage of body bags and supplies to fight the Ebola outbreak.
Liberia says to have 5,000 body bags when in actuality they will need over 85,000 in the next six months.
Unfortunately 2.5 million boxes of gloves are needed, and they currently have 18,000.

Which is no surprise why The World Health Organization expects 10,000 new cases a week in West Africa.

This is where America needs to start thinking rationally and globally to help the affected countries.

¨It’s crazy to think that we can be helping these countries but instead we’re isolating ourselves from these countries because of the fear,¨ said Delta student Alex Barrios.

Yes, the three countries that cause concern have very poor sanitation, lack of proper medical facilities and the level of education is not that high.

Despite this Nigeria has been contained and DR Congo has been contained in less than a month.

America is better prepared and has greater resources to deal with an epidemic like Ebola than West Africa therefore most American citizens have nothing to fear.

Unless you live in West Africa, care for Ebola patients, or have been placed in quarantine you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Spread facts, not fears.