Costume options sometimes reveal too much


With Halloween right around the corner, many of us are contemplating what we should wear for the spooky occasion.

Every year there is the typical: witches, angels, devils, athletes and the occasional ghost.

What is different about this year?

Halloween 2014 might see Ebola Hazmat suits, Walking Dead zombies, Miley Cyrus outfits, Frozen characters and other pop culture references.
Halloween costumes for college woman tend to fall into two categories: inexpensive and inappropriate.

Most college students are living on a budget and don’t have extra cash to spend on a costume.

Looking for something to dress up as without spending a lot money may prove to be difficult.

“I used to make a lot of my costumes at home. I did a zombie costume by ripping up some old clothes and jeans and putting fake blood all over it and putting fake blood on myself,” said Angela Melton, a Delta student.

There are a lot of options hanging in your closet.

Old clothes you don’t wear anymore could be used for zombie costumes, celebrity lookalike costumes and many characters from popular movies.

The struggle of finding a costume on a budget for a woman is often compounded by the expectation to be risqué.

It seems Halloween costumes for women often are derogatory and perpetuate an unattainable image.
It has become custom for female costumes to be revealing, sensual, or inappropriate.

“It’s okay if you’re older, but I have seen some female children’s costumes that are not appropriate at all. If you’re under 18 basically you shouldn’t be wearing any of that stuff,” said Melton.

Just like the popular movie Mean Girls said in 2004: “Halloween is the one time of year that a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”

Ladies, if you feel like you have to dress in a provocative way this Halloween, know that you don’t have to.
Halloween is about expressing not impressing.