DeRicco back in action for students


Many students were displaced by the relocation of student services due to an August flood in the DeRicco Student Services Building.

Delta College released an email stating services have been moved back to the first floor of the DeRicco building.

The damages from the broken irrigation line have been repaired and the building is almost back to full capacity.

“Finally, I’m glad the building is back up. Everything is in one place, it’s no longer an inconvenience,” said student Alton Henry.

Delta asks students to be alert to signage regarding adjustments in their area as they continue to strive to reach full capacity.

This may include elevator outages or minor changes in hours for offices.

DeRicco Building Counseling and Special Services, including EOPS, DSPS, Outreach, Career/Transfer Center, CalWORKS and WorkNet, will continue to their normal second floor DeRicco Building locations and hours, according to the news release.

Some students are happy about the move back because all of the services offered in one floor were scattered all over campus.