Dress your children appropriately


From those funky bellbottoms some of us used to wear to the highlighter color t-shirts and high-waisted mom jeans, its apparent that fashion has changed through the ages.

Trends have come full circle and today’s youth is the target demographic.

You may see some young girls wearing high-waisted shorts and a crop top, just like millions wore in the 1980s and 1990s.

And you may see some guys wearing skinny jeans and T-shirts that objectify women or show drug paraphernalia.

When I was younger I remember walking into the clothing store Justice and wanting to wear as many sparkle shirts as possible. I remember when boys only wore shirts with Spongebob or the Power Rangers on them.

Today’s youth is quite the opposite, young teens are shopping at popular retail stores such as Hollister, Tilly’s or Abercrombie & Fitch.

Girls clothing has become the center of attention for the rapid-changing trends.

There are 12 year-old girls walking around with their stomachs showing and their butt cheeks hanging out of their shorts.

Don’t worry you’re not getting old for thinking that what some today’s youth wear is weird. It’s concerning young adults and mothers as well.

“I don’t even shop in the girls section when I shop for my daughters anymore. Especially in the summer time, the clothes are too revealing. I have to shop in the boys section, now,” said Marina Reyes, a mother of two.

Most mothers don’t want their child running around in a shirt that barely covers the stomach.

Some women argue that we shouldn’t care what others wear. But it’s no longer about what people think. It’s about the safety of young girls.

There are bad people out there, and when they see what some girls

It could trigger violence or even rape.

These young girls may not know how to protect themselves against an attacker.

But like the seasons, trends change and hopefully children’s clothing will return to the social norm.

And with winter coming, stores are putting out long sleeves and pants to stay warm.

“I remember when the girls’ section was just cute t-shirts with hearts and animals on them. Now I go and pick up a shirt and it’s only half of a shirt. I mean, what’s up with that?” said Reyes.

What do you think when you see some of the fashion?