Gamers anticipate fall video games


This fall, the gaming community can rejoice in the new titles being released.

A new “Super Smash Bros.” title has just come out with its fourth installment.

People who have nostalgic memories of fighting with Kirby or Mario can rekindle that memory with the newest installment, which now has been made to play on Nintendo’s handheld 3DS.

“‘Super Smash Bros.’ is a great installment into the series,” said Delta College student Bob Woerner.

“Pokemon” is also coming out with another set of games: “Omega Ruby” and “Alpha Sapphire.”

This time remaking the journey of the Hoenn region with the new additions that were added to Pokemon “X” and “Y.”

“It’ll be great to head back to a familiar game title and see all of the new additions,” Woerner added about the upcoming Pokémon installments.

For people who can’t let “Halo” out of their life, a new Master Chief collection is on the way.

This collection will follow Master Chief’s presence in the Halo universe, set with “Halo Combat Evolution” Anniversary Edition, “Halo 2”, “Halo 3” and “Halo 4.”

“It was almost expected, with ‘Halo’ starting its new journey and company, the Master Chief Edition will give new gamers chance to learn how ‘Halo’ got to this point,” said Mitchell Widger, a student at Delta College.

For people who want to buy a game that they will regret purchasing, the new “Call of Duty” is on its way.

“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” grabs attention for being a first-person shooter. It took Activision three years in the cycle to release rather than two.

“Far Cry 4” is following the great success of its predecessor in “Far Cry 3.”

This newest installment will take place in the Himalayas and bring hope that there is a game worthy of getting an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

For role playing game fans, “Dragon Age” is releasing a new title “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

“Dragon Age” is a promising role-playing game to compete with the Elder Scrolls game series.

“The Evil Within” is a game that will leave gamers chilled as they make their way through each chapter.

“There’s been a lack in horror games as of late and Evil Within delivers on its claims,” Woerner said on “The Evil Within.”

The video game world will definitely have something to be excited about with these fall releases.