Quad area sees crowd of students for Oktoberfest celebration


Students formed a crowd in the quad as Associate Students of Delta College (ASDC) Senator Robert Duran worked to hype everyone up during the Stein Hoisting Competition on Oct. 19 during an Oktoberfest event for students.

Two Delta students went for it and did the challenge for two minutes and 38 seconds.

The winner of the Stein Hoisting Competition was student Rondell Sinclair.

“Basically, we just had big giant cups filled with root beer and we were all challenged to hold them up, to hold them up the longest.

And to be honest I didn’t think I was going to win because my arm was giving out on me but in the end I came through and won.

It could have been a pound, maybe more. I feel like he [my opponent] was close to winning, like it was five seconds before I would of gave out.

If it was not for the crowd I wouldn’t of won because they were screaming and that was my motivation. Never give up on what you want if you really want it stick in it,” said Sinclair.

The next game was the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing Wings Challenge.

Three students volunteered to eat the hot wings.

The last standing man was Jabari Binder.

“Well I signed up for the hot wings challenge that they were having here.

It was hot, that is all I can say and I was hungry,” he said. “So everyone was like do it, I did it. During the competition I was not thinking about the other people on what they were doing until I got to the last couple of chickens.”

Binder received a gift card to Casa Flores,

two tickets to Jokes of Jams and T-shirt from Delta.

Hot dogs were to be provided by Top Dog, but the vendor did not show up.

“Campus life College Hour celebration is open to all students to enjoy great food, lively entertainment, games and prize, and engage in more student participation and involvement on campus,” said ASDC President Yvonne Flores.