Seeking a coach for employment


NFL coaches are in the news a lot mostly because of being fired.

The latest coach to be axed was Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen. The Raiders replaced him with Tony Sparano as interim head coach on September 30th.

It seems the coaches have more to prove this season in order not to be the next in the hot seat. 

Twenty-Three coaches have had either resigned or been fired since 2000, according to the Bleacher Report.

The Bleacher Report goes on to say, only one of the 23 replacement coaches from the teams posted a winning record more than 2-1, .

In 2013 the Texans fired Gary Kubiak who had a 5-8 record and replaced him with former Cleveland Brown Head Coach Romeo Crennel.

So the big question is who fault is it the coaches or players? Or is it the owners?

Situations like this particularly is that you have to work with what your given such as the players.

Around Delta Campus students seem to have a different opinion on this matter.

Five Percent believe it’s the coaches fault, three percent believe it’s the teams fault and two percent believe it’s the organization/owners fault.


In Dennis Allen case, he had back-to-back 4-12 seasons (2012-2013) and after the Raiders spent a lot of money to rebuild their defense, the team got off to a 0-4 start and the cherry on the cake of 24-point loss to the Dolphins on September 28, 2014

That was enough for General Manager Reggie McKenzie to cut ties with the coach.

Allen was the 7th Raiders head coach in 13 years to be fired. In 2001 After Jon Gruden was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bill Callahan took over as head coach and did take the Raiders to the Super Bowl only to be defeated by the Gruden led Buccaneers.

“Before Al Davis died he lost his mind and could not run his team correct”, said student Martin Ross, “ That is why the team was so horrible”.


Oakland’s big acquisition was supposed to be Rodger Saffoldon a five-year, $42.5 million contract but he didn’t pass their physical and later got injured on the Rams like Raiders doctor predicted.
The Raiders quickly rebounded from the Saffold situation to sign 11 players from other teams in free agency, according to CBS Sports.
The investments have fallen flat but rookies such as Derek Carr, Gabe Jackson, Khalil Mack and TJ Carrie have shined.
Austin Howard is in his 5th season in the NFL has protected the quarter back this season and has defiantly shined. He signed a five year 30 million dollar contract with the Raiders.

Whatever coach goes on the chopping block next, people will have an opinion on who’s fault it is.