Library roof to be replaced after leaks


The Delta College is undergoing yet another renovation, but this time in an unlikely place.

The Irving Goleman Library will recieve a new roof after complaints of cracks and leaks in the current one.


The library was previously renovated in 2010, when 7,000 additional square feet was added, which brought more space for usage and the addition of 66 computers.

“The roof on the second floor of the library has water damage,” said Delta College Facilities Planning & Environmental Compliance Manager Stacy Pinola.

The current roof came from a manufacturer called Geoflex, according to Pinola.

“The material used for the current roof was a bad batch and had a 25-year warranty.

Unfortunately, [Geoflex] went out of business,” said Pinola.

She said the new product being installed has been researched and has a 20-plus-year track record.
Students, staff and faculty have reported no complaints of injury.

“We knew about the leakage from the get-go,” said Principal Librarian Dr. Jun Wang.

According to Wang, the main areas affected by the leak are towards the women’s restroom and the Computer ‘B’ station on the second floor, which clearly has a water-damaged tile above it.

“We had to use a dumpster to collect the water leaking from the roof [by the women’s restroom]. The computers and books were not damaged,” said Wang.

She said the current shelves near the women’s restrooms are now used for temporary placing books.

The roof repairs will cost $82,780 and will be funded by Measure L, a $250 million bond measure, passed in March 2004, said Pinola.

The bond provides funding to improve the district’s educational facilities.

Pinola said the employees noticed the water during a recent rainstorm.

“The repairs were done immediately with little disruptions (since) it was in the (men’s) restroom ceiling area. We were able to close the area and make the repairs,” she said.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time Delta College had to remodel an already-renovated facility.

In August, the DeRicco Student Services Building flood displaced students for months. The building opened in 2009.

In September, Delta officials approved a $3.7 million relocation of the soccer field, which was built in 2007.

Plans for the library and tentative date of completion are currently not known.