Recent school shooting brings topic to forefront


Last week, a school shooting in Washington made its way to every news station in the United States.

A 15-year-old student named Jaylen Fryberg allegedly killed two of his classmates and injured five.

Recent updates reported that four students have now died according to MSN.

This shooting has many people talking about the dangers of school shootings and is causing worry.

Our local high school Bear Creek had a threat of active violence recently.

A parent threatened, “…[that he’s] coming down tomorrow and it’s going to be like a Columbine situation.”

The principal of Bear Creek called neighborhoods surrounding the area to alert parents of the threat.

California leads the nation in school shootings by more than 40 accounts, including the 1989 shooting at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton that killed six children.

Ever since the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, it seems as if school shooting have become more deadly and more frequent throughout the country.

We all know how dangerous Stockton can be.

Does that mean we should be more cautious when it comes to preventing and preparing for an event like this?

Going to school in a city like Stockton, some Delta students may be concerned with the possibility of violent crimes such as these.

Delta does have a policy regarding loose criminals on campus.

Delta’s Active Shooter policy states, “If suspect is in close proximity… lie motionless and pretend to be unconscious.” The policy also states that you should call campus police immidiately and stay indoors if possible.

There is a copy of the policy in each classroom, but many professors don’t acknowledge it.

“I think it’s very important to know what you’re supposed to do in situations like that,” said Kirsten Sanchez, a Delta Student.

Even though Delta is in a dangerous city like Stockton, it is relatively safe.

There’s campus security and police always on campus.

If you regularly check Delta email, you will see that every time there is a crime, campus police send you an email.

It is more likely to get injured on your car ride to school than to be affected by a possible criminal defense on Delta’s campus.