Is Walmart a good fit for the community?


Walmart is a business that offers great deals for almost everything you need and want for your home or life.

The company’s motto: “Save money. Live better.”

The saying is designed to show you that the store’s business is better for you so go and shop there.

Walmart has helped people, but hasn’t been beneficial for some local businesses.

The super store has damaged small businesses when it comes to consumers, taking them away from their business, with them spending money there and not at local, smaller businesses.

“They’re usually always located near grocery stores and they have lower prices,” said Juilo Nicaragua, a Delta student and Walmart shopper.

Walmart has it’s own grocery store, specifically for food with its lower prices on food competing with local stores.

“They sell almost everything and it is easier to go to Walmart then go to multiple mom and pop shops,” said Adam Torres, another Delta student and Walmart shopper.

I agree with Torres because it’s easier to go to one location instead of going all over town just for a few things.

This is a way Walmart has benefited people, saving time and gas.

But it’s not good news for these local mom and pop shops open for a long time that have been serving the area before Walmart.

“They have 20 registers but only three are open, in all cases I’ve been in,” said Nicaragua.

One of the frustrating things about Walmart is no one likes standing in a long line for amounts of time.

“I don’t like how they treat some of their employees and how there items are poor quality,” said Torres.

Some items purchased at Walmart are poor quality but that’s what you get when you do pay less.

Not all of what the store sells is crap.

It  depends on what you buy and how much you pay.

The store is a good place for local students to go and shop on a budget.

“I go there because everything is accessible and cheaper as a student it’s easier for me,” Torres added.

So this is how this market has helped one college student save money and stay in his budget rate, but it could help many more students not just Torres.

One Walmart employee enjoys her job working at the front of the store seeing people.

“Meeting new people and a lot of new faces,” said Audrey Mendoza, a Walmart greeter, of why she likes her job but it’s not always enjoyable, she said.

“Sometimes there are some mean and rude people,” said Mendoza.

Walmart has helped a lot in the community and benefited people but also can’t be so helpful for local businesses.

It’s your choice to decide if Walmart is good or a bad place to shop for you and your needs.