Street Harassment Still Exists


Lately it’s come to my attention, even more so, that women don’t appreciate being made out to be sexual objects while out in public walking down the street, shopping at the mall and even on campus as they’re on the way to class.

This form of street harassment has been deemed “Cat Calling.”

For years women have made countless complaints about men making vulgar and inappropriate comments, but now it’s gotten out of hand.

Recently a woman by the name of Shoshana Roberts posted a viral video on YouTube of her strolling through the streets of New York for ten hours.

Her experiment resulted in her being verbally harassed over 100 times by numerous men from all walks of life.

This raises the question ... Are men objectifying women more today than ever before, or are the women of today set- ting themselves up to be objectified?

Showing skin and body image through tight fitted clothing isn’t an open invitation for sexual advances, some women honestly do it for style and comfort.

Although, clearly a lot of women do it solely for attention and compliments, which can lead to unwanted harassment.

Of course yelling out obscene gestures to a complete stranger isn’t a noble thing to do, but let’s view this situation through the eyes of a man.

Due to television and music having this “do what you see and how you’re told” effect on viewers and listeners, many men don’t know what to think when they come across a pretty woman wearing clothes that reveal a bit too much.

Is she easy? Does she sleep around? Can I have her? These are some thoughts floating around most of our heads. No matter the case, it’s never right to just shout out the
first creepy thought that comes to mind.

The woman you choose to make feel uncomfortable could
be in a relationship, a mother or very sensitive about her body type, and making rude comments could ruin her whole day.

Another thing to consider is, what if that was your moth- er, sister or girlfriend constantly being harassed regularly by anxious, thirsty wolves?

Once again the playing field is uneven.

These guys have taken out the fun in saying a simple “hello” to a woman, because before you even speak she’s expecting to hear something along the lines of “Hey baby,” “Damn you look good” or my personal favorite “Nice legs, what time do they open?”

Women keep their guard up when getting to know a new guy because with one sentence he can remind her, what guys to avoid.

Street harassment isn’t the way to go about picking up chicks.

The only good it does is warning women that a creep is lurking nearby.

Have I been found guilty of committing this crime be- fore? Yes!

Have I learned from my bad behavior? Yes!

Being respectful and cordial to women will get you much further in getting to know them.

Being a habitual street harasser, will only balloon your reputation as someone who has never learned the art of how to respectfully approach a woman.