The Chaos Of Black Friday, Cyber Monday


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and after all the meals have been eaten the shopping begins.

The dilemma, which one is worth the money: Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

The Classic: Black Friday.

Perhaps no longer rightfully considered Black Friday, for shopping beginning on Thanksgiving Day, still requires a strenuous wait in line at a cold time of night.

The best deals are found on Black Friday inside the stores surrounded by hundreds of people rushing for the same items.

Best items are generally the televisions, video games, speakers, headphones and most tech gear at the best prices.

This year it might require missing thanksgiving dinner and some football, all together in order to purchase a desired deal.

Stores such as Best Buy and Walmart are opening doors late night Thanksgiving Day to beat the Friday morning madness.

For some it’s tradition and a good experience with a family member or friends seeking out amazing deals once a year.

Another benefit is the ability to hold and see what it is you’re purchasing that very second, and speeding the teetering of will I or won’t I.

The New Age: Cyber Monday.

For those who wish to cuddle up in their pajamas or too full to move on Thanksgiving, can easily search, click and spend on various deals over hundreds of websites.

Best benefit by far is the lack of movement and crowds.

Competition is still in effect on some sites, first purchases first and selling out of course, but shouldn’t be too much of a concern mostly a timing issue.

Cyber Monday is also an extended affair especially from Amazon, who has lightening deals and lots of them during the holiday season.

One con to cyber Monday is lack of seeing and touching what you’re buying and then waiting on shipping, but Christmas is still a month away so maybe not much a problem.

Then of course extra shipping cost, right? Most sites no, there’s for free shipping offers on most.

Retail stores have great full discounts on total purchase via online purchases during Cyber Monday giving a good reason to purchase in bulk with plenty of time for exchanges and returns if need be.
Perhaps not the best deals compared to the amazing low prices especially on electronics during Black Friday.

Cyber Monday also allows you to compare prices and search multiple stores at once as opposed to Black Friday in which you can only be at one place at once limiting purchases.