YouTube creates opportunity


Our digital culture provides us with unique opportunities.

One of these opportunities lies with YouTube.

youtubeSince YouTube’s debut in 2005, it has showed rapid growth and success.

YouTube has played a role in creating and promoting Internet celebrities.

Many of us know someone who has posted a video or regularly posts videos.

It’s no longer uncommon to promote yourself or your ideas online.

The Internet, formally viewed as a scary place in which one needs to hide one’s self, is not what it used to be.

YouTube has helped shape a culture of people wanting to be themselves and share with others.

“I would recommend that more and more college students post on YouTube because it’s a way to meet different people while still being your absolute self,” said Kody Bowerman, a Delta student who posts video on his own personal YouTube page,

Internet celebrities are born everyday thanks to YouTube.

Once YouTube stars gain a big enough fan base, they receive sponsorship deals, job opportunities and possible funding for original content.

The popularity of “YouTubers” has become a huge part of the youth’s culture.

Stars such as Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley all have toured the country participating in meet-ups, live shows and video conventions.

YouTube can often lead to other opportunities. Many YouTubers are publishing their own books or short films.

YouTube popularity can also lead to online jobs such as web shows or online magazines.

Even though gaining a massive amount of attention on YouTube is unlikely, joining is still a beneficial decision.

College students are often on a journey to learn as much as they can while trying to figure out what they want to do in life.

The Internet and YouTube can be favorable tools in assisting one’s journey.

YouTube is a place to share your ideas, meet new people and hopefully gain business opportunities.