Pillow Talk 101: Dating during the holidays


The most critical time in figuring out where a new relationship is headed comes during the holidays.

Couples in new relationships use this time of year to get their families more acquainted and familiar.

Thanksgiving can be one of those “deal or no deal” type of situations.

Often times it’s the family who suggest bringing your significant other to interact, so they can get more of a feel for the person you’re spending time with, and if the two are compatible.

If you can survive meeting the family after Thanksgiving, trust and believe you’ll be expected to be present come Christmas.

This is when you know things might be getting serious.

Now you have to consider a gift to buy or if you’ll be buying a gift at all.

If this is a new relationship that’s developed over the past two months, there’s no need to go over the top with outlandish gifts. Save the big presents for later on in the relationship, assuming you make it past this year.

Keep It Simple & Sweet (KISS) on the first go round. One thing you definitely want to avoid is buying an expensive gift and the relationship suddenly fizzles out before Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the time that you’ve been together, if you were paying attention to detail, you’re significant other more than likely has dropped hints about their like, wants and needs.

Whatever you choose to get make sure it’s something they’ll like, instead of just trying to wing it by getting something you think they might like.

It’s best to be sure.

Hopefully by New Year’s Eve, as a couple the two of you will have an understanding of each other and continue to build.

Plan road trips, go to concerts, and attend festivals like most happy couples do.

On the flipside, if you can’t manage staying together after the holidays, don’t beat yourself up about.

Worst come to worst you’ve made a new friend, experienced new things and learned a valuable lesson from your experience that you can apply to the next relationship.

On Dec. 31, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. will you or won’t you be wrapped in the arms of the one you love?