Rumors of Mayweather, Pacquiao finally getting in the ring


Mayweather versus Pacquiao 2015?

For six-long years Fans have watched and heard all the rumors fade into a fanatical dream.

Once one of the greatest fights of all time is now surely impossible with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on verge of retirement, right?

But actually, the fight is closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

Starting with the news of Freddie Roach (Pacquiao’s trainer) being contacted by Mayweather’s promotion team asking for a rematch clause in the potential fight.

That’s a pretty big step after all the limited talking being reported for more than six years between the two camps.

Shortly after the news was dropped and all the chatter had been ignited again, Footlocker released a commercial for their biggest event ever, starring one Manny Pacquiao.

The commercial showed Pacquiao overhearing “what we all want is finally happening,” and Pacquaio misun- derstood, thinking that they meant Mayweather was finally up for the fight, as he began to dancing upon the ring with excitement.

Smart right? It’s the Perfect plan to pile on pressure for the fight to happen.

Pacquiao’s camp has been very vocal about wanting to fight Mayweather Jr.

Now to Mayweather’s camp.

There hasn’t been a lot of good talk in the past such as Mayweather Jr. asking for Olympic drug testing, retiring for a year and then asking for 75 percent of the purse from the fight.

Most have stated this is all due to Mayweather Jr.’s disdain for Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum and refusal to negotiate with the man.

However, in the year 2014 a lot of interesting inter- views occurred along with negotiations with Freddie Roach.

“The fight is going to happen. That fight’s going to happen. Trust me,” said by Floyd Mayweather Sr., father and trainer of Mayweather Jr., in an interview on

Mayweather Jr. has expressed his irritation with his father for speaking out about the situation when he’s not exactly in the loop of his promotion team.

“Floyd wants to fight him real bad. That’s all he talks about, fighting Manny Pacquiao,” said by Sam Watson, an advisor to Mayweather Jr.’s manager and promoter and close friend of Mayweather, who spoke out in an interview with about the potential fight.

Nothing is etched in stone, but that doesn’t mean it’s far off.

The word around the boxing world and the two fighters’ respective camps is the fight has to happen, and that it can
happen especially with boxing’s current climate.

And if you don’t understand how badly people want this fight, an United Arab Emirates group have volun- teered to put up $150,000,000 to put on the fight in Abu Dhabi.

It’s no longer ridiculous to think Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao will happen, and to channel the foreseer
Ali, it will happen in 2015, perhaps even twice.