Student shares tips that provided success during Delta tenure


Finals week is the time of the school year where every student is on edge because it’s the time everything comes down to the wire.

It comes down to everything a student learned from the entire semester to put skills to the test and see what was learned on one final test.

What are students doing to get ready for these important tests?

They’re getting ready to stay up and study their brains out to just get ready.

Here are some tips to help ease stress and get ready.

1) Stay energized by getting sleep. Just the basic eight to ten hours a day to help you stay awake and stay fo- cused during study time.

2) Don’t spend countless hours at odd times in the night trying to study.

Instead study for a couple of hours then take at least a ten-minute break or more to just relax. Don’t think about work. When the break is up you can return to studying with a fresh mind.

3) Create flash cards as a study guide or notes as a substitute.

By doing that you’re quizzing yourself like you are taking mini tests that can help you remember information you have been studying.

4) A study group can prove most effective when it comes studying for finals or any test if you have the right people.

When it comes to a study group the members can help each other study by talking about information that you’ve had trouble so you can develop a clearer understanding of the concepts.

The study group helps create less stress and helps make studying easier.

5) Take your time on the problems or book. Don’t jump from one problem or book to the next. Stick to it then move on to the next to help remember what you studied.

6) Take a mini practice quiz or test when you’ve com- pleted studying to see how your studying is coming along and to see how the information stayed with you.

7) Relax and let what you’ve studied and learned sink into your head. Don’t think about your test to help relieve the stress. Give outside distraction a pause for a moment.

These strategies helped me be successful with my finals in my years at Delta College.

So hopefully these tips are a big help with you and your current and future studies.

Good luck fellow Mustangs on your finals.