Water hyacinth covers Stockton waterways


For the past two years, water hyacinth has covered the Delta Rivers causing night shipping to become more difficult and restricted.

It has become a big issue for boaters and businesses at Stockton’s marinas.

Most of the water hyacinth has covered the Port of Stockton, blocking the water, causing the water to become less visible.

According to Fox News, the Stockton mayor has thought of bringing in manatees from Florida so they can eat off the hyacinth.

But there are a few problems to that plan: The Manatees are big and it will be difficult to move them a long distance. Plus, these animals are endangered. 
Lastly, they can’t survive in the cold Stockton waters.

The Water Hyacinth has become a breeding area for mosquitoes, causing fish and wildlife to be killed off.

The Department of parks and recreation had said that they will run the aquatic weed control program, which will help control the hyacinth, but they never found a solution to the problem.

According to KCRA, The port of Stockton has hired harvesters and aquatic Environments to get rid of the hyacinth.

The hyacinth that was harvested will become compost or feed, but there is some that will go to waste.

The process started around the end of October and it took them at least six to eight weeks to remove the hyacinth.

The process should be completed by the middle of December.

The water hyacinth was easy to remove since it is not a rooted plant.

Although the water hyacinth still continues to grow in other deltas, as of now most of the water hyacinth is gone and started to clear up from the Port of Stockton.