Restrooms shut down after sewer line back up


Delta College closed campus at 3 p.m Nov. 24 to prevent a bathroom backup.

The sewer backup was located on the west side of campus towards the main sewer connection on Pershing Avenue.

“Facilities took the precaution on closing the restrooms until the extent of the blockage was known to prevent sewage from backing up in the restrooms and causing an environmental problem,” said Delta College Facilities Planner & Environmental Health Manager Stacy Pinola.

Campus police directed students of the campus when it became an environmental problem.

An unexpected email was sent to students and staff earlier in the morning but many were still unaware of the shutdown.

“I was not aware. I didn’t even know what was going on,” said Delta College student Danine Soliven.

According to Pinola, the restrooms were closed as a preventive measure because the main sewer line leaving campus was blocked.

“The restrooms did not back up on campus. Facilities shut them down to prevent such a backup on campus,” said Pinola.

The sewer line didn’t receive any damage.

Staff was monitoring the sewer line and notice that line seemed to be backed up.

It was determined that construction debris was in the line from the various construction projects and the debris began to block the flow and started the beginning stages of a back up. The line was cleared with the assistance of Roto Rooter.

Nothing was damaged, said Pinola.