Crime Prevention and Safety fair held on campus


Crime prevention and safety is important for everyone. That’s why on the week of October 8, 2014 the San Joaquin Delta College District Police held the second annual Crime Prevention and Safety Fair on campus.

Many organizations and agencies such as the Stockton Police Department K-9 Unit, Fire Department and San Joaquin County Sheriff Department got together to show students what to do and expect in certain situations.

The San Joaquin Delta College District Police offered a distracted driving simulator and drunk goggles so that students can see what it is to drive distracted or drunk.

Maleena Mangua, a Delta College student was one of the many who got to see what it looks like to be drunk.

“Students should be more aware because a lot of students just don’t care anymore. Its good to be educated about it and know what you are doing because you could harm someone if you are really intoxicated like that.”

Jim Bock, San Joaquin Delta College District Police P.I.O. said, “Our whole goal is to just have positive law enforcement interaction, let them know who their community resources are if they need assistance, and have fun”

According to the Annual Clery Report, which was released recently, there were 5 Liquor Law Violation arrests in 2013 in comparison to 1 in 2011 on the Stockton Main Campus.

This even helped students realized that that driving under the influence of liquor could be life threatening.

“If it can happen in a game, just know it can happen in real life. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to drive drunk,” said Vaquan Jefferson, a Delta College student.