Opinions matter when lawmakers decide on school funding


The annual March in March is important because it allows students to let their voices be heard on what’s going on and why we need to have lower school costs.

Basically, the March in March gets the lawmakers to hear our voices and what we have to say.

Our state legislatures meet with our student body government to talk about what they’re doing to fix the budgets for schools.

State lawmakers are willing to listen to the demands of the students and work on mutual agreement.

It’s important for us, as students attend because we should take advantage of are rights as students.

Some of things that would impact students would be higher-priced books and not having financial aid to afford them.

However, the number of students participating has dropped in recent years.

I think in events as these, all Delta students on campus should sign up and march. The Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC) haven’t taken students, due to lack of money.

On Feb. 9, two students went to the ASDC board meeting and requested that the March in March be put in the minutes for the next meeting.

ASDC has to request to use the Delta College transportation bus to be able to take the students to this year’s march, which will be held on March 2 in Sacramento.

If the ASDC is able to get the bus, expect it to fill up fast, as the list for the ride was filled up in 2013, yet some of the students did not show up for the ride.

I go to the march every year, and thanks to the bus no longer being available, other students and I carpool up there for the event by everyone pitching in for gas because it’s that important.

If you want to march for your school rights this is the place to start doing it.