57th annual Grammy Awards illustrated in tweets



This year the Grammy Awards was free of any real controversy, apart from a Kanye hiccup and a Beck win everything else went according to plan. But that didn’t stop Twitter comedians from throwing some non-deserving and some very deserving punches at this year’s nominees, winners, losers and the event itself.

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10# Chief Keef might have a rap sheet that rivals his Rap Sheet (pun intended) but this tweet hits him low and nasty.

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9# Nominated for this year’s Best Pop Vocal Album, Ariana Grande failed to win a Grammy Award this year, but she sure as heavens got some attention on Twitter.

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8# Prince didn’t win any awards but he did manage to steal the show with a small message: “Albums matter.” However, his “attire” came under fire. The word “carrot”was used, that’s all we’re saying.

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7# AC/DC opened this year’s Grammy with a bang! Fans and spectators gave out mixed reactions, but all in good spirit.

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6# Prolific author and avid sports fan, George R. R. Martin, author and creator of the famous series “Game of Thrones”, didn’t miss out on this opportunity to express his feelings about who should have won a Grammy.

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5# Kanye West almost pulled a Kanye West when he jumped on stage as Beck was about to accept his Album of the Year Award. Much to the delight of everyone he did something that Kanye West would NEVER DO. He actually thought about what he was doing and didn’t do it. Oddly, Beck wasn’t too happy about Kanye walking away. Let’s face it. Kanye interrupting Beck might have been the best thing to happen to Beck that night.

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4# Teens love her, adults fail to understand her, and Grammy’s nominated her but didn’t award her. Yes, this year everyone watching the Grammys got to see Iggy Azalea not winning a Grammy. Let’s just say the Twitterverse was happy.

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3# Madonna, at 56, rocked the stage, at 56, with a mesmerizing performance, at 56, while Twitter exploded with appreciation and critique about her age, which is 56.

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2# Artists weren’t the only ones at the receiving end of Twitter comedians this year. The event itself was targeted by many jokes.

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1# The No. 1 spot goes to the most honest and probably the most relatable tweet about the 2015 Grammy Awards.

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