Closures force students home


Campus life booms everyday as students study for tests, work on projects and sell goods in the quad for campus clubs.

Some, though, try to take a break from their classes in quiet spaces.

In the past there were five lounges on campus, as well as an open green space called the Shima Green available to students.

This is no longer availble.

The first lounge to go was Holt Lounge, it was later used by Admissions and Records, and the campus-based police academy.

The Shima lounge was shrunk to be used by the student body government and Student Activities Office.

Cunningham Lounge and Shima Green were demolished for the construction of the new Science and Mathematics Building.

This leaves Locke Lounge and a very small Shima Lounge.

These spaces can and have been reserved for use by divisions, organizations, offices and clubs on campus.

It’s left students hoping to catch a break and relax between classes no place to hang out.

Students use these breaks to study or just hangout with friends.

Collegian staffers say they have long breaks between classes and they live out of town. It’s cheaper to stay on campus rather than go home.

Some students study in the library, yet there is a no food or drink policy in the library.

Where can students hangout, maybe eat lunch and relax?

They can hang out in the quad where they are left to fight the weather.

They can try to cram into Danner Hall, where there are few tables available.

We feel the college is actively pushing students off campus as soon as classes are over.

The spaces available for student use on campus outside of instructional time is too far and few between.