Gas prices back on the rise

Photo by Vorani Khoonsrivong.

After five months, gas prices are back on the rise.

The price for a gallon of gas in California is $3.43 as of March 4.

According to, the cheapest places to purchase gas in Stockton, Tracy and Manteca are Quick N Stop for $2.66, Costco for $3.09 and C&A Corner Market for $2.99.

There are a number of factors for the recent surge.

Crude prices have gone up while U.S. refineries are at a seasonal slowdown, causing gasoline costs to be higher.

The U.S. slowed oil production by 28 percent in January compared to last June and new permits for drilling are also on the decline.

Currently, U.S. oil production is down by nine percent and new permits issued are down 24 percent, according to Drillinginfo Index.

In addition, refineries are beginning to switch to summer blend gas, causing prices to rise.

Summer blend gas is more expensive to produce than the winter blend because it creates less smog, making it suitable for metropolitan areas.

The summer blend is better equipped for summer because there are more drivers on the road traveling longer distances.

In the midst of the rise, how are Delta students preparing?

“I have not really noticed the change in gas prices. I guess I should try to conserve gas with the recent gas spike,” said Delta College student Katherine McBride.

McBride drives a Kia Sportage and spends $40 a tank.

“I will attempt to walk more [and] use my car less or pick up a sweet paying job so that I can keep up with the gas prices,” said McBride.

Student Natalie Tsutsumi doesn’t think rising prices will change her spending habits.

“[I drive a] GMC Terrain. Last time I got gas, it [cost] $39. A tank of gas lasts a week,” said Tsutsumi.