Man versus Mars: 2014-forever


A place untrod by humankind.

A place with no trace of human existence.

Robert SpaceShip MarsA place that will soon be the home of a brave group of explorers.

In April 2013, Mars One held press conferences in New York and Shanghai to commence the worldwide search for anyone willing to take the next step for mankind, and be the first humans to place foot on Mars.

Anyone from anywhere could put their name in the hat by simply filling out an online application.

Then from the applicants, the Mars One team will pick six teams of four people to train for the journey.

Through the early processes of finding the right astronauts, the team has cut the number of candidates down from 200,000 to 1,058.

The team is showing incredible courage by cutting ties with life here on Earth, a place that has been our home for as long as history tells us, or they simply have nothing to live for here and just want to leave.

Nevertheless, if all goes well this mission can be a stepping-stone into finding more clues about the origins of the human race.

How many of you would take the chance to be a founding father in furthering the interplanetary evolution of humankind?

The answers were fairly lopsided.

“I don’t think I would, because there’s no coming back, there’s no guarantee,” said student Gema Quintero.

Simran Ruiz said absolutely not.

“I wouldn’t go because I’m happy on Earth, I don’t really see a point in going there now,” said Ruiz.

Fellow Mustang Marisa Castro agreed.

“I probably wouldn’t go, I really wouldn’t care to go,” she said.

However, in the midst of all the rejections, there was a brave heart willing to take the voyage.

“I would go just to explore, and see what everyone else has been missing,” said student Matthew York.

Whoever is chosen will be going on a one­-way trip in the year 2024 to the unexplored planet.

Therefore, since it will be their last time on Earth, even the people that rejected the chance were asked what they would do to make their last years here on Earth count.

“Make my parents happy,” said Quintero.

“I would travel a lot, experience different cultures, different countries,” said Ruiz.

“I would spend the time with my family,” said Castro.

York was specific on his plans before he leaves: “Travel Asia, fight in Martial Arts tournaments all through Asia, and then train with the Monks.”

York will probably be the fighter of the group on Mars.

Mars One, either failure or success, is a step forward in the exploration of our solar system and beyond.