‘Quotable Campus’

At Delta, we see a variety of different students.
You never really know what kind of conversations are happening between these people from a number of different backgrounds.
We all know Delta is a special place full of everyday people getting their education.
But what about the everyday conversations you overhear while walking to class or eating lunch in Danner?
We asked six students what the most unique quote or conversation heard on campus.
  • “Let me think. I think it would be a guy talking to the koi fish,” said Desiree Garza.
  • “In the financial aid line, this guy was like ‘No don’t worry, you’ll definitely lose your virginity here’ to someone next to him,” said Aaron Kingsley.
  • “I was in Danner and I overheard someone say ‘She likes anime, she’s Catholic and she’s pretty, I feel like I met a unicorn today,,’” said Myah Loewe.
  • “I think the weirdest thing I think I’ve ever heard was the other day! These two guys were walking behind me and one was just like: ‘Do you ever wonder where teeth come from … Like you’re made of squishy flesh and then all of a sudden you have these hard white squares growing out of your mouth!’ I laughed so hard I think I peed,” said Ryan Carpenter.
  •  “I once heard people talking about a teacher that takes your phone and throws it off a two story building if you get caught using it in his class and he’s so old that he gets away with it,” said Nikki Jimenez.
  • “I heard a girl talking about how she was like in love with Jesus. Like not loves him as a savior or whatever. She was saying she wishes he could be her husband and that he was actually kinda hot. It was so creepy to me,” said Mariah Gomez.