49ers suddenly not so golden


Over the past five seasons, the San Francisco 49ers have been mentioned as a top-tier team.

The 49ers delivered on the hype by appearing in three consecutive NFC Championships and a Super Bowl.

Then the 2014 season ended in mediocrity and no playoff appearance.

After long speculation of the head scratching dismissal of Coach Jim Harbaugh came to fruition, the fans in slight panic remained strong because the talent was still there.

Suddenly it all went bad like a semi-truck swerving its way to an inevitable fall down the mountaintop.

The talent was no longer there and the division got impossibly more talented.

The St. Louis Rams introduced a new star quarterback in Nick Foles.

The desired pass catching threat, tight end Jimmy Graham got traded to the despised Seattle Seahawks.

The Arizona Cardinals signed San Francisco’s much sought after free agent, offensive lineman Mike Iupati.
49ers’ General Manager Trent Baalke attempted to do some right in signing wide receivers Jerome Simpson,

Torrey Smith and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, with Simpson heavily displeasing owner Jed York.

But how could those signings possibly make up for the departures of: Justin Smith, Mike Iupati, Chris Culliver, Michael Crabtree, Dan Skuta and Perrish Cox?

Left off the list are the major heartbeat and leaders of the 49ers in running back Frank Gore and future hall of fame linebacker Patrick Willis, who suddenly announced his retirement at the prime age of 30.

Not to say this is all bad, because it is the NFL and any team can win, and talent was brought in.

There’s still hope for the red and gold.

Willis is on his way to the Hall of Fame in five or so years, and he left the team with the young, talented new leader Chris Borland to take his place.

That was until Borland announced his retirement at the age of 24 after one season in the NFL due to a concern over the long-term effects of head trauma.

It’s not uncommon now to see 49er fans display similar symptoms: anger, depression and confusion.