Anticipated albums of 2015


This year, 2015, is set up to be a huge year for music with multiple well-known artists set to release new albums this year.

Rap and Hip Hop already have a head-start with album releases starting with Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” and Lupe Fiasco’s “Tetsuo and Youth” early this year.

Rapper Kanye West is expected to release his eighth solo album “So Help Me God” in May. West gave fans a preview of the album by releasing the song “All Day” which shows West’s aggressive style of rapping.

Another rap album that people will be getting in line for is west coast rapper Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” which is Kendrick’s second studio album since the success of his first album “g.o.o.d Kiid M.a.a.d city” back in Fall 2012.

Kendrick previewed his album by releasing “The Blacker the Berry” to get fans hyped up for his current project.

The hype did build and Interscope leaked the album themselves a week earlier via stream through iTunes and Spotify.

Rap isn’t the only genre that’s going to make noise in 2015 as singers Adele, Rihanna, Ne-yo, Frank Ocean and a highly anticipated return by Madonna are set to release albums as well.

Controversial artist Justin Bieber has been rumored to be working on an album release for this year, but has not given any information on an album title or a release date.

Delta College students shared their thoughts on this year of music coming up and which albums are they willing to spend their money on.

“I can’t wait for Kendrick’s album to drop, I believe he’s one of the realest artists out there and the way he’s putting west coast rap back on the map is unbelievable” said second year student Devin Ellis.

Student Vanessa Valdez isn’t planning to buy any of the rap albums as she is looking forward to Frank Ocean’s next project.

“I still love his old album “Channel Orange” and listen to it all the time because of how powerful his songs can be, I can’t wait for his next one and see what he has prepared to follow up such a classic album,” said Valdez.

Other artists that are set to release albums this year: Meghan Trainor, Bjork, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Cudi, Demi Lovato and Mark Ronson.