Delta professor does more than teach biology


During fall and spring semester Dr. Paul Ustach teaches biology to students.

In the summer at the Yosemite National Park, Ustach is an interpreter park ranger.

There are several types of park rangers. Interpreter rangers give out information out to the visitors.

Ustach guides tours about the park’s history, the animals that live there and the environment. He also leads campfires and goes on nature walks.

Ustach is also a hunter and has now learned how to cattle.

His wife’s family owns a cattle ranch and he rides and ropes cattle.

“I’m not very good at it but I could do it,” said Ustach.

Ustach also plays for Stockton United Soccer Club. He’s a midfielder and has moved up to just over forties league.

Ustach said people in the league have egos.

The thirties league consists of 40-year olds, and for the forties league

consists of 50-year olds.
The team he plays for is “Independente,” which he just joined, after his original team was disbanded. The ironic part is “Independente” is his old rival team.

Ustach takes his students on a field trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park in the middle of the semester.

In this field trip, Ustach informs his students about the life of plants and animals.

He mentions specifics of certain species explaining why they have traits such as claws, feathers, various leaves and more.

He is working on taking another field trip for the semester.

This field trip will take students to the coast. The students will see the wa- ter life in a different perspective.

Seeing that we are in California, our state has a diverse ecology.

“It would just be great to show peo- ple who live here (Stockton) to those places, have that opportunity to take them there and teach them what’s re- sponsible for the diversity that we see in California,” said Ustach.