Midterms are coming: How do students prepare?


It is midterm season for Delta College and students are using various study meth- ods to pass midterms.

Midterms are a stressful time for students.

Stress comes naturally for an assignment with such a big factor in a final grade.

Each student has different methods for studying.

Orlando Patino studies a lot.

Patino had his math midterm already. He said what he did to prepare for his midterm is math tutoring and solving problems in his book, which takes a lot of time.

Other students don’t put as much time into studying, but have their own methods. “If there is a study guide then I’ll use that, (or) I’ll fold a paper in half, write the terms on one side and the info on the other. I would also keep rewriting the info to retain it,” student Jessica Norm said.

Then there are the calm students that don’t put much effort into studying.

Miguel Gonzalez reviews homework from his class to study.

Patrick Tomaszewski crams, which is studying last minute. That way you can re- member what you just studied
without anything else interfering before the test.

When asked what he did to study for midterms, student Aaron Kumar had a sim- ple answer.
“I don’t.”

Midterms are usually half of a student’s grade.

Right now students are focused on passing their midterms by studying in their own way.