Spring break ideas that won’t break the bank


A whole week without class. How are you spending Spring Break?

sun2Most college students aren’t in any place to be spending money on lavish trips to vacation destinations or spending their few valuable dollars on frivolous things.

How can a broke college student make their spring break memorable? The cheapest options can sometimes be the most fun.

Don’t have enough money to take that cliché spring break trip that includes hundreds of other college students drinking their cares away in the sun?

A cheaper option could be to take a day trip to the nearest beach. A close group of friends, some good tunes, and a free spot on the beach can be the recipe you need for a fun spring break memory. The beach is free and you could split gas money with your friends.

Most Delta students work.

This can put your impending fun-in-the-sun plans to a halt. Plan around the work schedule. Even if it’s a half day of laying out in your back yard or having a picnic at the park with a friend listening to your latest playlist, it’s something to enjoy.

“We pre-make our food instead of going out to eat [when we go to the beach] like sandwiches and salads. It’s something that helps us save [money],” said Synthea Flores, a Delta student.

Simply thinking outside of the box or putting some time into preparation can save you a few dollars.

Spring Break doesn’t have to be all about the sun.

Activities such as movie nights, laser tagging, bowling and plenty others cost little to no money.

Activities that can be done from your own home including a Netflix marathon with a few friends can be just as fun and relaxing as a trip to the beach.

Around Stockton, you can find parks, movie theaters, bowling allies and other cheap places to chill out and have a little fun.

“I like to go to Victory park. I like sitting by the water and feeding the ducks,” added Flores.

As students, we work hard to make sure we are on top of our schoolwork and our other responsibilities. Soon we have a whole week dedicated to giving your brain a break to enjoy the newly warm weather.

Take advantage of it and let yourself take in some sun therapy.

Your break is what you make it.

Even if you have work or family responsibilities, you can still squeeze in some much needed break time for yourself.