Students living south of campus struggle through I-5 construction

Interstate 5 recently began a six-month reconstruction of the northbound lanes.
The project impacts a three-mile stretch from Pershing Ave. to Country Club Blvd.
Through traffic on I-5 needs to stay in the left two lanes and vehicles needing to exit along that stretch will need to stay in lane three, according to the Department of Transportation.
The current construction impacts students living south of Delta campus taking I-5 to get to school.
“It’s going to be harder just because I have to wake up ear- lier than I usually do to get to Delta,” said Jonny Herrada.
Herrada said the improvements will be beneficial.
“The reconstruction will help the road get better and [I] can’t really complain on how they’re looking to improve the high- way,” he said.
Student Alex Segura said the construction adds five to ten minutes to his commute.
“I’ll really hate waking up extra early but knowing that it’s basically to make I-5 better, then I don’t mind,” said Segura.