Who gets to decide your future?


Sitting at the kitchen table, with parents on both sides of you, the discussion about college begins.

For most who have had the college conversation with their parents, they got an ear full about which major would lead towards a great career. Parents want to make sure we achieve the most that we can.

Armed with the wisdom of your parents, a college catalog, and an idea as to what you want to study, you begin to map out your path. Before you know it, you are declaring a major that was not quite what your parents had hoped for.

“I want to be an Underwater Basket Weaver major with a minor in Philosophy!” you declare with pride. To your parent’s horror, you stood firm on a path they did not approve of, unwilling to budge. In a last ditch effort to try and convince you otherwise, the last weapon in their arsenal of parenthood was brought out.

“If you want to study that, a path which we do not approve of, we will not agree to pay for your education.” Thus begins the all too common question between parent and student.

Do your parents have a right to hold your college pursuit hostage because you did not chose a major that they approve of?

While pondering this question, Delta College students were asked about their personal experience with such a matter.

Chelsea Griswold, a sophomore graphic design student, expressed she would take into consideration what her parents had to say but ultimately she felt that it was her decision on what she decided to study. If her parents did not currently support her education path, she spoke of finding the funds on her own.

Students like Griswold are a rarity. Her parents fully support her graphic design passion and are happily paying for her to reach as high as she can.

Fortunately, for students who are in search of ways to fund their education, there are many options available to them before they go down the student loan road.

Scholarships, the Governor’s fee waiver form, and FAFSA are all readily available for those who need it.

“I feel it’s a parent’s role to guide their children and to show them the right path. Ultimately, it is their decision which direction they want to go though,” said James Birones, Delta student and parent to two college-aged children. Birones said how proud he was that his children decided to pursue their college education.

Regardless of where your parents may stand on your educational pursuits, your efforts and passions do not go unnoticed. There are always ways to achieve what you want and those who are more than willing to help. If you are seeking help, the DeRicco building has all the resources to help you get started on what you need to fund your education.