Open campus causes concern


With recent construction making Delta College a more open campus, there are concerns about security and safety.

“Delta College has always been a relatively closed campus. Gates have secured the perimeter for decades,” said Delta Police Officer Jim Bock.

The removal of the Locke gate, along with the completion of the Science & Mathematics building and its tentative integration of the adjacent plaza are areas that have Delta police and faculty questioning safety.

“The general concern is that more crime will occur if the buildings and quad are not able to be secured,” said Bock.

Despite concerns from police, there hasn’t been any significant increase of reported
suspicious activity in open areas.

“The Science and Math Building has only generated one report of a suspicious circumstance since January 1,
2015,” said Bock.

Student Diana Lon hasn’t
noticed suspicious activ- ity with the recent additions and said an open campus will benefit students and faculty.

“We need more [areas] to sit in. It’s always crowded,” said Diana Lon.

Student Kahlil Pearson agreed, but also believes an open campus will attract potential students to Delta.

“We might get weird people but at the same time, we might get more people [to attend classes],” said Pearson.

Safety is the number one concern for students, faculty,staff and visitors, according to Bock.
“We patrol the campus roadways, parking lots, pathways, buildings and common areas 24 hours a day, 7 days per week,” said Bock.

In addition to patrolling, Delta police send personal safety messages through email and social media.

They also offer crime alerts through the Emergency Notification System and provide public
safety presentations by request. Despite resources, the police stress crime prevention as a
community effort.

“It’s collaboration between the police department and the citizens we serve. While there
will always be crime and always be criminals out there who are looking for opportunity, this partnership will better strengthen the overall safety of every individual and the campus community as a whole,” said Bock.

Students and faculty are encouraged to report any suspicious crime activity on campus anonymously through Tipsoft.

Other ways one can file a report include using blue light phones scattered throughout the campus pathways. Elevators are equipped with call boxes for emergency purposes. Dial “Emergency” or “5000.”

This also applies to any classroom or office phone.