Fight to determine the pound-for-pound best


After six years of waiting, the bout of the century is only days away.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

So let’s talk about who wins the biggest (singular) money-making fight in history.

Mayweather is the considerable favorite.

He’s known as the most technically dominant and defensively sound boxer of all time.

It’d be fair to assume Pacquiao might have had a significant advantage six years ago, when he appeared to have devastating power. It will not please the Mayweather haters in the world, but

Pacquiao will squeeze out a win versus the undefeated pound-for-pound king.

Here’s a break down of the fight by rounds.

Round 1: Typical of most fights, they’ll start the fight slow feeling out the range and speed of their respected opponent. Minimal work from both, Mayweather will take this round 10-9.

Rounds 2-3: These will be the signature rounds in which Mayweather sits back on his punches continuing the examina- tion of his opponent, often times seen as “giving” his opponent the rounds. Pacquiao takes the rounds 20-18.

Rounds 4-6: Here the fight begins to get interesting. Pac- quiao will begin his relentless assault. Lead uppercuts to the body followed by hooks and step back awkward crosses leading to the first knock down of the fight in the fifth via a Pacquiao left hand. Mayweather’s Philly-shell defense will ward off most strikes, but he will constantly sit back unable to counter. Pacquiao wins 2 rounds, 29-27.

Rounds 7-8: The tides turn for Mayweather back to the same old constant counter. After the fastest first half of a fight in Mayweather’s career, he’ll have figured out how to keep Pacquiao on the end of his straight and relentless jabs. He’ll cruise nearly untouched two rounds, landing significant shots on Pacquiao. Mayweather 20-18, tying the fight through eight.

Rounds 9-10: These will be the toughest two rounds for any judge to score. Pacquiao will be unable to hit Mayweath- er clean consistently, but Mayweather’s defense alone will not be enough. A lot of looks and “oohs” that are meaningless to the fight, but Pacquiao’s pure aggression will clinch the rounds in the eyes of the judges, 19-19.

The final two, 11-12: The closing seven minutes will be hard fought, pulling Mayweather out of his shell in the eleventh throwing the heaviest shots of the fight.

Pacquiao’s pace will be unchanged, constantly moving forward throwing lead hooks and uppcercuts, keeping

Mayweather from firmly planting and landing flush. Pacquiao’s relentless barrage in the twelfth as Mayweather avoids a last minute knockdown, 19-19.

Results: 114-113 Manny Pacquiao via Decision.

History had been made, and then the wait until a Septem- ber rematch, shall begin…