Asparagus Festival returns, exceeds expectations

30TH YEAR: The popular deep-fried asparagus returned for this year’s Asparagus Festival. PHOTO BY ORLANDO JOSE

The Asparagus Festival has a new home. This year the festival moved from Weber Point to the San Joaquin County fairgrounds.

The Festival was a three-day event.

Last year the event was nearly cancelled but Tony and Carol Noceti of Noceti Inc. decided to take on the traditional event and became the new organizers.

About three hundred vendors were present at the festival.

Stockton definitely responded to the call to help save the Asparagus festival and the venue is more accommodating said Anthony Silva

Silva also said he appreciated the Noceti’s who fought to keep the festival in Stockton.

“The carnival is a lot better because last year there wasn’t too much attractions for the kids. This year they have a lot,” said carnival attendant and Delta student Melinda Clara.

The famous deep-fried asparagus and asparagus ice cream returned for this year’s festivities among different varieties of food.

The community came together to make this event excel past previous years.

“Stockton really matters, that don’t matter if were at the fairgrounds or downtown Stockton everybody should support their own city,” said Willie K. Kelly Jr.