Remodeled greenhouse open for usage


On April 14, members of the Delta College board of trustees gathered next to the new greenhouse to be dedicated.

greenhouseLocal officials also showed up including Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva and Delta College Superintendent Kathleen Hart.

The new greenhouse features a new shade puller that controls the heat.

“They will allow us to provide new and better growing experiences to the students. The new greenhouses are great and they are modern,” said teacher Mike Toscano.

Toscano has been teaching horticulture for 32 years at Delta College.

Students get training for employment for nurseries, greenhouses, residential and commercial landscaping in the greenhouse.

Tosanco also said some of the plants from the Horticulture Center will be for sale and a portion of the profits will benefit the program.

“We sell house plants, bedding plants, garden flowers and shrubs that the students grow. In the fall we grow poinsettias for sale,” said Toscano.

The public is welcome to the plant sale every Friday through the month of May.