Be wise when helping others with donations


Based out of San Diego and founded in 2010, Go Fund Me is a well-known personal funding website. It gives people the ability to fund individuals to help with personal causes.

Helping someone in need of assistance is something some individuals will not hesitate to do.

A recent Go Fund Me account was made to help raise money for an Uber driver who is fighting terminal cancer. A 22-year old Michigan community college student set up the page.

So far, the campaign has raised more than $102,000 for the 70-year old driver.

Some Go Fund Me accounts aren’t as practical.

An account that received a lot of attention was for Jeremy Meeks, San Joaquin County’s “hot convict.”

It’s questionable as to what types of accounts should be acceptable to be featured on the funding website.

There are some powerful reasoning’s behind some, others may be made simply for pleasure.

Many people use Go Fund Me as a source for those who are suffering from medical issues, emergencies, helping with charities or going through the loss of a loved one.

Some decide to create accounts out of their own goodness to help others, even if they may not completely know them.

Others are simply created to raise funds for personal trips. Although it may be helpful, it is questionable as to what extent the donations should be able to cover.

I feel there should be a certain criteria for accounts to be accepted for the website.

Accounts with serious intentions should be considered more highly than those with less meaning.

There are different reasons behind every Go Fund Me campaign. Some seem as if they are scams.

Scams gain more victims each day. With a website like Go Fund Me, those who are donating may not fully understand where their money is going to.

It’s critical to be aware of what accounts you are donating to.

Upon the accounts, there is a given description or background story as to how the money will be used. Also listed are the donation amounts of others

In addition, the total amount of what has already been raised and the remaining balance of the goal amount.

If the campaign is one that catches your attention, go ahead and donate.

However, be careful and think twice about your helping hands before finalizing your decision.