The struggle is real for student parents


“Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM!”

The snot and string-cheese covered child is screaming.

“Mommy is trying to type her paper honey! Can you please play with your toys for a few more minutes?” the mother responds in a tone of desperation.

“NO!” is the response from the child, who has commandeered his mother’s wireless mouse.
He’s playing monsters with it.

“SERIOUSLY! My mouse is not Godzilla!” shouts the mother who leaps out of her chair to rescue her mouse from the mouth of her child’s dragon toy.

It goes without saying that being a student parent, like myself, takes a mixture of positive actions all coming together to ensure you are successful.

This road is and will continue to be incredibly difficult but in return, is the most rewarding.

The obstacles one must overcome to be able to juggle caring for a young child, due dates for school work, making it to school and many other obligations that come with both, are endless.

There is no secret to success with being a student parent. Just setting a steady pace, setting attainable goals and praying that they are met in time so the next step can be taken.

Those most successful have a support system.

This system includes, a supportive family, supportive friends, a collection of resources that allow one to get as much help as possible and above all else, a friendly glass of wine after the day is done.

Student parents have to take it day by day.

Allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed by the constant grind of having a child, school, homework and work will ultimately end badly for any student parent.

Each day is different as a parent. Add in academic obligations and it’s amazing that student parents don’t lose their minds.

By now there must be curiosity growing on the end of those who do not have children but who are students.

Remember this, there is always a way to achieve your academic goals. Delta College has numerous resources for those who are parents and do need the extra help.

It will be hard and it continues to be an uphill battle. Don’t be discouraged.

For every grape-juice-stained paper you turn in, you are showing your children what it means to work hard regardless of how impossible it feels.

By taking it one assignment at a time or one sick child at a time, you will survive the daily grind.

Finally, having a sense of humor will help to ease the stress as you look back and have a good laugh once you realize all that you’ve had to hurdle over just to finish your day.

No amount of snot, nor lack of sleep, unhappy professors, packed parking lots and sold out bagels can take away from you the fact that you still make it through day after day as a student parent.


Here is a sample of what a typical morning of a student parent looks like ( based upon my own experience):

6:45 a.m. – Wake up and begin to gather school items for the day (Consume coffee if needed)

7:15 a.m. – Wake child(ren) and attempt to dress them appropriately (Check for backwards clothing!)

7:30 a.m. – Feed offspring/yourself a snack before flying out of the house (Do we all have socks on?!)

7:45 a.m. – Drop child(ren) off at appropriate school/day care and quietly panic as you make your way to your 8 a.m. class (am I going to be late AGAIN??!)

8:05 a.m. – Finally in class, you relax and realize you accidentally grabbed your child’s lunch bag and not your school bag. You are now turning in a bologna sandwich as your homework and your child is eating a geography paper. It’s possible many of you who are reading can relate. Go ahead and chuckle.