Baseball players make the grade


The Delta Mustangs baseball team is ranked No. 1 in the nation.

Two players are balancing the responsibilities of being on a winning team with school duties.
Outfielder Lance Berringer and first baseman Zach Perugi don’t have a problem with keeping grades up and playing baseball.

The two are all state in academics.

The California Community College Athletic Association gives the honor to students able to keep their GPA above 3.5.
Berringer has a 3.87 GPA and Perugi has a 3.83.

“It feels good just work hard in class and on the field,” Berringer said, when asked about the accomplishment Perugi said it takes discipline.

“Put in work, utilize what coaches do for you and that will put you to your point,” he said.

Both players addressed the struggle to balance school and sports.

“At times it gets busy, The Zone is where I get most work done, use that time and get use to the pace,” Perugi said.

The Zone is in Budd, where athletes can study or be tutored to improve their grades.

“It’s not too bad, just balance time well,” Berringer said.

It is both players’ last semester at Del- ta College.

Perugi is considering transferring to University of California, Santa Barbara, University of California Davis or California State University, East Bay.

Berringer is undecided on his transfer destination.