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A new era of transportation has dawned.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.12.20 PMThe “hoverboard” has rapidly made an impact on the way people get from place to place.

There are many brands of hoverboards available to chose from.

These “hoverboards” are actually two wheeled self-balance smart drifting scooters, or a Segway, so they dont actually hover.

So you can’t get all Marty McFly just yet.

These Segways range from $200 to $700. The prices may seem high but they’re in high demand.

The first time the hoverboard gained attention was through popular YouTubers.

The younger generation uses YouTubers as representatives or spokespeople for pop culture.

Get your product in the hands of a big name YouTuber and the youth will respond.

Lexus has created a working magnitized hoverboard, but is not available commercially quite yet.