You’re better than the people in your life dragging you down


Each person here is currently taking a step to better themselves by pursuing a higher education.

Planning for the future and not settling with less.

forwebBut this path isn’t always easy. Often there are distractions that deter you from maintaining a path of success.

Major distractions, such as friends and family.

It’s okay to cut them off, in fact, you probably should learn how to.

You have to ensure you’re taking care of priority No. 1 – yourself.

How are you supposed to help anyone if you can’t handle your own ordeals?

Also, loyalty is overrated.

You’re supposed to have those close persons backs on all occasions.

But sometimes they can weigh you down, and hold you back with their problems.

It’s a heavy burden for most, to constantly care to their friends’ and family’s needs.

Let’s face it, people like to start drama. Be responsible by avoiding drama.

If you’re like most, then people come you to with their problems, to either vent or seek help and advice.

They’ll try to drag you into it like it’s your problem, and too often you get sunk unable to keep your head above water.

Learn to say no.

They also like to plan events and go places you often can’t partake in due to scheduling with school and work.

Don’t be the fool who says “yes” and skips important priorities for fun, there’s plenty of time for that.

If a friend tells you, “cut class let’s go hang out” cut them off immediately.

They’re definitely not good for you.

It’s hard to look those you love in the eyes when you’re about to disappoint them but it must be done if they’re interfering with what you know needs to be done.

Life is short and second chances don’t come often, so show up where you need to regardless of those around you who might attempt to sway you from it.