Can you identify Delta’s campus safety officers?


Being aware of all services provided at Delta College is an important part of being an active member of the college community.

Campus security is provided 24 hours a day, every day of the year by a cadre of professionals, including dispatchers who answer calls and interact with people who walk into the police department.

The three types of officers described below are all responsible for issuing parking citations, patrolling the campus as a crime deterrent and watching for suspicious activity.

Any of the officers may perform escort duty when requested by a student or faculty, and they carry keys to open gates, buildings and rooms.


In the dark blue shirts are the sworn officers of the San Joaquin Delta Community College District Police Department.
Police officers carry handcuffs, Tasers and guns. There are 11 officers, including a chief and two sergeants, authorized to enforce federal, state and local law both on and off campus. They respond to all calls of a crime in progress and reports of weapons on campus.

“They are regular officers of the state of California who are employed by Delta College,” said Susan McAnelly CSO and Crime Prevention Officer.


Campus Safety Officers wear light blue shirts and file reports of incidents such as traffic accidents and theft when there are no suspects present.

CSOs carry handcuffs, pepper spray and Tasers.

They control and direct traffic during special events and monitor the parking permit machines.

There are 12 CSOs who patrol the Stockton, Manteca and Mountain House campuses at all times.


Student Service Officers wear grey shirts and receive training that allows them to carry handcuffs and pepper spray.

They are students who are enrolled in at least nine units per semester. SSOs assist with traffic control during special events, such as the flea market, and at accident scenes. They, along with CSOs can book found property.

There are 11 SSOs and they patrol only the Stockton campus.

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