Candidates gaining traction in run for 2016 presidency



Pros: He gets the youth. He has ideas for the Democratic side. He draws crowds of thousands to his rally’s everywhere he goes. He’s running a strong campaign built on policies. He’s held office as a two-term senator of Vermont. He’s leading in Iowa and gaining traction in New Hampshire, key democratic states.

Cons: He’s older than other major candidates at 73. He’s a virtual unknown. The media discounts him at every step.


Pros: Clinton doesn’t lack experience holding office as a senator and Secretary of State, and we assume her role as First Lady gave her a direct line to the White House for eight years. The Democratic Party has been a major backer of her since 2008.

Cons: She’s been in this race before. Distractions about emails and foreign policies are now present. As strong as she is, she’s still a woman. The presumption it’d be business as usual, and there hasn’t been positive changes coming from the White House since her husband has left


Pros: He says things the Republican Party wants to hear. He lacks the fear of most politicians to speak openly.

He bears an appealingly unapologetic attitude not seen before in politics. Trump also possess the ability to say ridiculous things that would destroy the polling of any other candidate but continue to rise in favoritism. It might be his lack of ties to any company’s money other than his own as he speaks to take money out of politics.

Cons: He lacks policies. It’s words and ideas with trump up to this point.

There’s been no real plans projected from Trump as of yet, so there’s a major doubt in his ability to get his agenda done if elected.