Sports facilities renovated over summer


The Delta College athletic department did some renovating to Joe Blanchard, Marcopulos Gym and the weight training room during the summer intersession.

The biggest changes people will notice are the gym floors.

“What you generally do every year with basketball courts, is you light sand them,” said Athletic Director Daryl Arroyo.
“Every 8-10 years you’re supposed to take it down to the wood and that gives you an opportunity to add new logos and those type of things.”

Student athletes have already noticed a difference in playing environment.

“I like the new floors, they’re not slippery,” said returning Sophomore (Basketball) Natalie Delgado.” It’s not as dark in the gym and the floor is lighter.

“Our (floors) have not been done in 30 to 40 years,” said Arroyo.

“I love it,” said Mens Basketball Head Coach Rich Ressa. “I think it’s a real quality job and a class act.”

The sound system has also been improved.

“We didn’t get a new system in Blanchard. What we did do was upgrade the old system. We were using the wrong equalizer, the wrong cables. So we worked with I.T. and now we have the correct equipment. It was not a big expense, but it will make a big difference,” said Arroyo.

The changes mean that Marcopulos officially became a volleyball gym for the Lady Mustangs team, transitioning the basketball teams to Blanchard full time.

The school put the new lines down over the summer along with the new floor.

Past championship banners will be moved over to join the renovated gym soon.